We are cooperating with practitioners from various fields and decision-makers at different levels in projects and initiatives. Our aim is to address real-world challenges with scientific rigour. Together with stakeholders, we are trying to find solutions to pressing problems. We then partner with local and regional decision-makers to make the necessary changes happen.

Since 2006, we have been working in partnership with the Laboratory of Rural Studies ‘Sismondi’, a non-profit association fostering the diffusion of knowledge and experiences related to agricultural, rural and environmental activities. More specifically:

  • We collaborate with public and private organisations, farmers, cooperatives and associations, local and regional governments, advisors, and citizens. This allows us to promote innovation, support animation of socio-economic activities in rural areas, as well as back governance, territorial planning and policy implementation.
  • We are also involved in capacity-building activities to provide actors with the skills needed to follow rural adaptation paths.
  • We organise academic and cultural activities, such as conferences, lectures, debates, seminars, documentary screenings and more, to reach a wider audience and increase their understanding of the interactions between rural areas and society.
  • We publicly disseminate results of joint work and knowledge gathered via bulletins, seminars, conference proceedings, scientific publications and policy briefs.

Illustrative examples of our work

  • 10+ year participation as a partner in the International Master of Science in Rural Development (IMRD) where multi-disciplinary training through a dialogue with different stakeholders is provided and annual IMRD summer schools are organised.
  • Initiators of the networks RIVES (Sustainability Research in Viticulture and Oenology)
  • Collaboration with the Tuscan Region regarding B2B events ‘Buy Wine’ aimed at international buyers. The joint work is also to elaborate new policy tools that incentivise sustainable wine production.
  • Collaboration with AICARE – Italian Agency for Responsible and Ethical Countryside and Agriculture. Working with various local actors (e.g. public administrations, agricultural organisations, farms, social cooperatives) we jointly develop social farming projects.
  • Collaboration with Orti Etici – a social farming project in Pisa.
  • Collaboration with Coldiretti – a major organisation representing agricultural entrepreneurs at national and European level.
  • Cooperation with the Tuscan regional agency on short supply chains and alternative food networks.
  • Collaboration with municipalities of Pisa and Lucca to develop local food policies.
  • Work with the members of LuccaBioDinamica related to biodynamic wine production and marketing strategies.
  • Collaboration with the wine sector on sustainability research in Viticulture and Oenology.

In all our work, we follow the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation.

What we do


This section describes the type & thematic areas of our research, and projects we have been engaged in

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This section lists the courses that our team members are currently teaching at the University of Pisa

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