Blog series: Sabrina Arcuri|How has COVID-19 affected food poverty? Challenges and perspectives

It is true that COVID-19 hit with no discrimination, but its consequences are inevitably harder for the worse off. Low-income households, homeless people, the elderly, children living in food insecure households who relied on school meals before the pandemic. These are, without being exhaustive, among the most vulnerable categories of individuals, which more than any […]

New blog series: How the COVID-19 crisis could lead to more resilient food systems

This post is to announce a series of blog posts where researchers of the PAGE group at the University of Pisa are reflecting on the impact of COVID-19 on our core research lines: socio-economic research in agriculture, food, and rural development. By now, the topic has been largely discussed in newspapers, social media, and various […]

Online DESIRA workshop|Digitalisation in agriculture: a challenge for interdisciplinary research

The H2020 project DESIRA (Digitisation: Economic and Social Impacts in Rural Areas) aims to assess the impact of digitalisation in rural areas, agriculture and forestry to maximize the benefits of technology serving the territory according to the principles of sustainability and responsible innovation. This workshop ‘Precision farming: comparing experiences and perspectives for responsible innovation’ is […]

Sustainability dilemmas: Ethics, Policy, and Science in the Management of Trade-offs

A lecture on Food as one of the resources in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus. This lecture is part of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus course at the University of Venice. Lecturer: Prof Gianluca Brunori, University of Pisa Moderators: Matelda Reho and Giulia Lucertini Discussants: Matelda Reho, Giulia Lucertini, Sarah Stempfle and Gianmarco Di Giustino When: 29 April at […]

Video released: overview of the H2020 Project SALSA

What is a SALSA project about? Its main aim to provide a better understanding of how small farms and food businesses contribute to sustainable food and nutrition security (FNS). Get to know more about the project’s geographical context, key questions addressed, approaches used, and potential impact of the project in a short video here

Announced results of the European Rural Innovation Contest (EURIC)

In January 2019, the Horizon 2020 project ‘LIAISON‘ launched a Europe-wide contest to seek out innovative, inspiring and ground-breaking initiatives in farming, forestry and the agri-food supply chain. A total of 220 businesses, projects and initiatives participated in the contest from 21 EU Member States and from 2 neighboring countries. An international jury of independent […]

The inter-municipal Food Policy of the Lucca Plain: reflections and perspectives

A day dedicated to the inter-municipal Food Policy of the Lucca Plain organized by ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities), was held in Capannori on Tuesday 26th of November (at Palazzo Bocella di San Gennaro) and saw participants discussing the “recipe of the Food Plan “. ANCI’s interest was to take a regional look at […]

Urban Food Agenda (FAO). How can we bridge the local-national-global governance gap?

FAO organized two days of international consultation for the discussion of the “FAO Framework for the Urban Food Agenda”, on 21-22 November 2019 (at FAO headquarters in Rome). International stakeholders dealt with how to strengthen the links between policies for urban food systems, at local, national and global level. Stakeholders shared the main challenges and […]

174th Seminar of European Association of Agricultural Economists |Matera, Italy

The PAGE team attended the annual seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists. It was jointly organised by the main associations of agricultural economists in Italy and held in Matera between 10-12 October. This year the Seminar was dedicated to Economics of culture and food in evolving agri-food systems and rural areas and brought […]

ROBUST regional workshop on cross-sectoral interaction to improve rural-urban relations|Lucca, Italy

On 26 September, 35 stakeholders from municipal governments, agri-food initiatives and networks participated in the ROBUST regional workshop in Lucca. These diverse actors got together to talk about existing initiatives in the province of Lucca that aim to link rural and urban areas around food, culture and environment, as well as to discuss challenges they […]

Kick-off of new H2020 project on Economic & Social Impacts of Digitisation in Rural Areas

Between 4 and 6 September 2019, over 50 people representing 25 partners from 15 different European countries got together in Pisa to launch DESIRA – a new EU-funded project coordinated by the University of Pisa. The project will run 4 years. The overarching aim of the project is to evaluate the impact of digitalisation in rural […]

2019 Summer school on Digitalisation in Garfagnana |Sillico, Italy

University of Pisa is one of the 15 universities across the world that jointly organised a two-year programme of International Master of Science in Rural Development. Every year students of this programme experience rural development reality through a particular case study. The case study is also one of the summer schools promoted by the University […]