Alessandro Buonaccorsi

  • PhD StudentDepartment of Agriculture, Food and Environment, University of Pisa

Contact Info:

  • +39 338 4868314 (WhatsApp & Telegram)
  • 80 Via del Borghetto, Pisa

Since 1994, I have been affiliated with the professional organization of Agronomist and Forestry Doctors. I am a law court expert in the field of Rural and Real Estate Appraisal in accordance with International Valuation Standards (IVS). I have 25+ years of professional experience in the areas of agronomy, farms checking and auditing, land use change analysis and agricultural statistics. In my career I used ISO 14000 standards to manage environmental responsibilities in paper mills and other activities.

Apart from my freelance work, I am a professor with almost 25 years of experience in Secondary Education, Technology, and previously in Rural and Real Estate Appraisal . I have also provided professional training courses for farming commissioned by public bodies.

My academic background includes a bachelor’s in Agricultural Sciences with technical-economic specialization and a postgraduate diploma in Cooperation with Developing Countries – both degrees were obtained from the University of Pisa. I also possess a postgraduate diploma in Environmental Science Education from the University of Turin, and a qualification as an accredited Environmental Auditor from the Research Consortium of Pisa. I have recently started a PhD at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment, University of Pisa. My research will focus on environmental and socio-economic impacts of innovative tomato cropping systems in Mediterranean commercial greenhouses.

Research interests

  • Agriculture and environment
  • Sustainability assessment of agricultural systems
  • Creation of global and local value chains and their functioning

Core competences

  • Cost-benefit analysis, evaluation of investments in real estate and public projects
  • Farm planning and management
  • Land use change analysis

Current EU-funded projects

PRIMA (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area). Programme Funding: a combination of funding from participating countries and  the EU Horizon 2020 Programme.

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