Gian Luca Vannini

  • PhD StudentDepartment of Agriculture, Food and Environment, University of Pisa

Contact Info:

  • 80 Via del Borghetto, Pisa 1 via Giuseppe Moruzzi, Pisa

I am a PhD student in the Pisa Agriculture Economics (PAGE) research group of the University of Pisa and a Research Fellow at the Institute of Information Science and Technology (ISTI) of the CNR. My academic career began with a Bachelor’s degree in Viticulture and Enology, followed by a Course in Geographical Information Systems and a Master’s degree in Design and Management of Urban Greenery and Landscape. For many years I worked as a GIS analyst for a local government, dealing with the design, management and monitoring of territorial and environmental planning. Recently, as a research fellow at the Institute of Bioeconomics of the CNR in Florence, I focused my studies on technologies for sustainable and precision digital agriculture. Currently, at ISTI-CNR, I am working on the development of infrastructural computer applications for virtual research environments, with a focus on the manipulation of geospatial data. The aim of my PhD is to integrate biological, anthropogenic and environmental aspects through a computer science approach based on numerical modelling of geospatial data, aiming at an in-depth view of the wetland system and the ecosystem services it provides, considering the challenges related to climate change and anthropization phenomena.


  • Assessment of ecosystem services and biodiversity
  • Climate change and anthropization
  • Ecological data modelling and risk analysis
  • Digital twins


  • Knowledge of sustainable digital agriculture
  • Geographic information systems and spatial analysis
  • Proximal and remote sensing data modelling
  • Territorial and environmental planning


ITINERIS – Italian Integrated Environmental Research Infrastructures System

EcoSope – Ecocentric management for sustainable fisheries and healthy marine ecosystems


Di Gennaro, S.F.; Vannini, G.L.; Berton, A.; Dainelli, R.; Toscano, P.; Matese, A.; Missing Plant Detection in Vineyards Using UAV Angled RGB Imagery Acquired in Dormant Period. Drones 2023, 7, 349.