26 Nov 2019

The inter-municipal Food Policy of the Lucca Plain: reflections and perspectives

A day dedicated to the inter-municipal Food Policy of the Lucca Plain organized by ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities), was held in Capannori on Tuesday 26th of November (at Palazzo Bocella di San Gennaro) and saw participants discussing the “recipe of the Food Plan “. ANCI’s interest was to take a regional look at the experiences of policies related to food production and consumption. Some of the questions: how to make a ‘Food Plan’ solid, effective and lasting? What are the elements to start with and what actions to take? How to promote the work done and the results achieved? The workshop was opened with the greetings of Luca Menesini, mayor of Capannori and Marco Remaschi, regional councilor for agriculture; then the speeches by Francesco Cecchetti, councilor of Capannori; Francesca Galli, University of Pisa; Silvia Innocenti, Sismondi Rural Studies Laboratory; Bianca Minotti, University of Prague.